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8mm version

For a movie in 1993, it does seem a little unusual to have a release in 8mm video tape, but here it is.

Australian VHS

The front and back of the Australian VHS tape. This poster design was also used in Germany.

Soundtrack and score albums

You can find more about this on the soundtrack page.



All the best 1990s movies came out on LaserDisc and this was no exception

Axe behind her back?

I remember the axe being behind her back but at some point this was removed. Thankfully the people at Sony blessed on the BluRay and put it back.

Other versions of the movie

The last one is how I remember the UK PAL VHS copies of the movie growing up. The American VHS is the same, although in a slip case.


An HD-DVD of the movie showed up on Amazon.com in August 2021. We're waiting for confirmation before committing to this.

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